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A beautiful seaside town in the province of Grosseto, overlooking the beautiful coast of Tuscany at about the height of the island. Famous for its wide sandy beach and good hospitality based on an extensive network of hotels, residences, apartments and B & Bs. Follonica is a popular holiday destination that combines the liveliness of a fully equipped town with sun, relaxation and uncontaminated sea. The town has been awarded the Blue Flag for several consecutive years, a recognition of Europe which demonstrates the great quality of the environment and tourism services.

Follonica is a place particularly popular with families for the tranquility of the place, the calm sea and especially for the sea floor that slopes slowly to Largo. The waters remain therefore quite low up to several meters from the shore also allowing children to swim safely.

The settlement of Follonica was founded in 1834 with the opening of the Royal and Imperial Foundries wanted by the Grand Duke Leopold II. The area was still known and visited since the Etruscan and medieval times when it was referred to as 'Fullona'. In fact, even before the opening of the foundries, the manufacture of iron and its derivatives was already an activity typical of the place since ancient times due to proximity to the metalliferous hills of Livorno. The last big factory closed in 1960 and since 1998 as the city remembers its tradition steel to MAGMA (Arts Museum of Cast Iron in Maremma). recommend:


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Distance from Follonica: 9 miles (Piombino)


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Distance from Follonica: 20 miles (Gavorrano)


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Distance from Follonica: 14 miles (Massa Marittima)