routes in Follonica

La strada del Vino
The Tuscany road of the wine

The distance of the road of the wine, means to not only carry the visitor to the discovery of the multiple and characteristic sapori of the Tuscany Fe

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Il Frontone di Talamone
The Fronton of Talamone

During the construction of a military fort in 1892 to Talamone they were finds again the rests to you of a fronton. Today the restored fronton us exte

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Il Giardino dei Tarocchi
The Tarot Garden

The Garden of the Tarocchi is like a great table on which the papers of the tarocchi are placed. The great sculptures most colorful presents here and

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Itinerario delle Formiche di Grosseto
Route of the Ants of Grosseto

The Ants of Grosseto small rocks are scattered in the blue sea of forehead to the Park of the Uccellina. The surface total of the three islands is of

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Lago dell Accesa
Accesa lake

This wonderful route is 12 km long and can be covered on foot or by bicycle. It is not difficult, but people have to be a little trained, because ther

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Riserva delle Cornate
Delle Cornate natural Park

It has been founded in 1996 in order to protect the area of Cornate. It covers a surface of 1000 hectares and stretches over woods, fields and marshe

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