museum in Follonica

Il Museo del Castello e della Città di Piombino
The Piombino Castle and Town Museum

Piombino in the Middle Ages The restoration of the ancient Fortress has returned one of Piombino’s oldest buildings to its original splendour. Th

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Il Museo archeologico del Territorio di Populonia
The Archaeological Museum of the Territory of Populonia

A history lasting 5000 years Situated in the historical centre of Piombino opposite the sea, it is the main show-case for the network of Parks o

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Musei della Rocca di Campiglia Marittima
The Rocca of Campiglia Marittima Museum

A window on the Middle Ages From summer 2008, the San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park visit will include a visit to the Rocca of Campiglia Museum

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Museo archeologico Rovine di Cosa e Ansedonia
Archaeological museum of Cosa and Ansedonia

Between 1947 and 1972 the Archaeological Academy American has completed of the important diggings in the pressed ones of the city of Ansedonia. The ar

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Il museo delle Memorie Sommerse
The museum of the Submergeeed Memories

The museum of the Submergeeed Memories has been prepared in the Spanish Fortress of Saint Port Stefano. The extension leads the visitor in a didactic

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Museo della Miniera
Mine Museum

The history of "Massa Metallorum" begins in the late Middle Ages. This village based its economy on the mining of pyrites, copper, silver and galena.

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