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Country of Roman origin, is still dominated fortress dating from the tenth century .
Scarlino is perched on the northern slopes of Mount d'Alma . The municipality is developed on the coast: in the 9 km can meet beaches and cliffs that surround hauls only for their beauty.
Berthing of Puntone the launch, the slipways and the hospitalization of small and medium boats, to the delight of those who veleggiando coast soon reach small inlets clear waters, coral sand edged behind closed by a dense evergreen shrub Mediterranean, as Cala Violina and Cala Martina .
Hinterland is made up of hills covered with scrub Mediterranean. The passing of traditions have profoundly marked the territory, as the Etruscan tombs of the Valley Molina and the Roman Villa Puntone , as well as the folk festival on August 19, called "Careers Nineteen of "millennial celebration, which recalls the end of a severe plague.
In order to protect the natural heritage were made Oasis protection and coastal wildlife Padule of Scarlino and state nature reserve biogenetic Poggio Spedaletto (where there are some remains Etruscans).

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